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About Us

A Stitch In Time Inc. owner, Jay Stauffer, started out in the sewing industry in 1997 when machine embroidery was just starting to make inroads into the sewing community. He worked for the Vacuum and Sewing Center of Bemidji, MN, for over 8 years before opening his own store in a tiny, closet-sized office, which he quickly outgrew.

Since that time, A Stitch In Time has expanded into a 3500 sq. ft. business space, with a loyal following of over 4000 customers. In addition to displaying over 35 models of sewing machines and 30 models of new vacuum cleaners, we have a wonderful mulit-media classroom where we offer training that's second to none! We're not satisfied with just selling machines. We're interested in helping each customer who walks through our doors get the most value from your purchace by providing support and service for all sewing machine and vacuum makes and models.

While none of Jay's 10 children work here yet, we still run our store like a family business, with lots of laughter and camaraderie. We have a great time working together and strive to build lasting relationships and friendships with our customers so they can share in the fun. Around here, we genuinely listen to our customers so we can better serve them. Whether they're looking for a high quality vacuum cleaner or they just want to learn new sewing techniques, we're dedicated to meeting each customer's individual budget, lifestyle, and creative needs.
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